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Wood Pellets

At RBM Lumber we use our waste wood in our pellet operation allowing us to recover just a little bit more from every log we bring into the yard. We grind the scraps and trim-ends from the milling and planning processes to produce the pellets. The fact that we only pelletize our own stock gives us full control over what goes into them. The pellet operation has been a great addition from perspective of our environmental values. And, as it is throughout our entire operation, we try to produce the best product available. So try our pellets – we’re confident you will be pleased.

Wood Pellet making

Pellet, manufacturing, machine

Wood Pellet making

RBM Pellets

Wood Pellet making

RBM Pellets

Wood Pellet making

Wood Pellets manufactured by RBM Lumber


Why RBM pellets are the best:

  • Made from mostly Fir and Larch – F&L wood fiber tends to make less ash than other species
  • Material is kept clean so you get less ash and fewer clinkers.
  • We closely monitor moisture content – too wet and the pellets crumble, too dry and they come out too dense..
  • We keep a 1” max length since some burners are sensitive to length.
  • Our pellets are 100% wood fiber – there are NO ADDITIVES for bonding or ignition. 


RBM Wood Stove pellets

Quality Pellet Systems

The quality of the pellet is essential to a successful pellet heating system. The quality of the pellet burner also makes a big difference. For the most part, it seems you get what you pay for. A cheaper burner will simply require more maintenance like cleaning out ash and clinkers. As well as the quality of the burner it is also important that it is adjusted and burning correctly. Clinkers generally come from burners that are not burning correctly. We recommend getting advice from an expert when deciding on a burner.


The decision to add the pellet mill to our operation was based on the fact that it fits perfectly with our environmentally-driven value system.

Unlike conventional firewood, pellets burners make almost no smoke

Dry efficient wood pellets are sealed in 40 pound bags so they stay dry and burn hot.

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