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Flooring, Interior T&G Decking

Although frequently referred to as hardwood, our wood flooring is actually softwood which brings you a warmth and comfort that can’t be found elsewhere. The natural beauty and variety of character as well as product options in our Montana wood flooring is unsurpassed. At RBM we price our wood flooring to fit almost any budget.

RBM Cottonwood Wood Flooring

Cottonwood Flooring

Blue Pine Circle Sawn Flooring

Fir and Larch Select Wirebrush Flooring


Fir & Larch Vertical Grain Flooring

Fir & Larch and Circle Sawn

RBM Skip Saw Wood Flooring

Bandsaw Skip Sand Flooring


At RBM Lumber we have become a leader in the softwood flooring industry because we take the time to produce the best product available. The following specs are the reason we can claim to have the best softwood flooring available:


  • Dried to 6%-8% moisture content. This is crucial to eliminate shrinkage and movement after installation. Does not require acclimation when your subfloor is within 2% moisture content to the wood.
  • End-matched and ready to install.
  • Relief grooved on the back.
  • Tongue and groove standard to the industry run to very tight tolerances.
  • Rough boards are leveled with a sander to eliminate grain tear and knot blowout.
  • Packaged in true random length bundles with 20″ to 12′ lengths.
  • Tight grading standards tailored to the general needs of our customers.
  • Milled at just under ¾” thick


Wood Flooring Species:

  • Fir and Larch (F&L)
  • Pine
  • Cottonwood (accepts stain exceptionally well )


Wood Flooring Grades: 

Note; not all grades come in all species.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  • Vertical Grain (quarter sawn, VG)
  • Vertical Grain #2 (VG with knots, this product is unique to RBM)
  • Select (very limited knot content)
  • #2 (has unlimited knots of good sound quality)
  • Rustic (has characteristics some consider desirable and others consider defects and is just as serviceable as #2)
  • Blue stained (has a natural blue stain, only available in Pine)


Wood Flooring Textures:

  • Smooth
  • Circular sawn ( gives a rustic feel)
  • Wire brushed (brings out grain patterns when stained, goes well in any decor from contemporary to rustic)
  • Band sawn (shows band saw cuts, also a rustic feel)
  • Circle and band saw/skip sanded (gives a worn antique look)
  • Circle saw/wire brushed (brings out the grain in the circular sawn)
  •  All flooring should be sanded after installation before finishing


Wood Flooring Sizes:

Most flooring products are available in 8” (6 7/8” coverage), 6” (5  1/8” coverage) and 4” (3  1/8” coverage) widths and come in random lengths from 20” to 12’.

  1. Not all textures and grades are available in all species.
  2. We will ship in any combination of widths if a random width is desirable.
  3. You can also mix grades such as #2 and select to obtain a desired appearance.
  4. Tell us your square footage and we will calculate the necessary footage for your project.
  5. Our flooring is easy to install for anybody inclined to do it yourself. Let us explain how.

Please call and let us guide you through our many options to determine which suits your needs best.

Interior T&G Decking

  • White Wood only
  • 2x6 T&G with a V groove on one side and center match (no V groove)
  • #2 and better and Choice both sides
  • Random lengths up to 16'


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