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Our Principles

We provide a comprehensive inventory of products and solutions that have brought superior workflow and increased profits to several businesses. We are confident that our wide selection of products and services will meet your business needs. If any of these packages do not completely fit your needs, we are happy to speak with you and customize a solution for your business.


Business Principles

RBM Lumber - Business Principles

Customers First

Our business was built on filling the needs of individuals. People who love wood and care about the environment.


Beautiful Wood

We believe that the beauty of nature is as well displayed in wood as anywhere, and that wood is possibly the most practical way to bring that beauty into the home or business.


Employees Before Profit

We also believe that the success of the business largely depends on the success of the people working with us. This means treating each other with respect — understanding their personal needs. It also means sharing the success of the company with everyone involved.

We like labor-saving equipment as much as the next person, but we focus on providing employment and we believe in the value of craftsmanship.


Environmental Principles

RBM Lumber - Enviromental Principals

As we continue to work in a field that requires the judicious use of a precious natural resource, we find ourselves increasingly involved in trying to change the way our industry approaches the harvest of timber. Here are 3 principles of responsible timber management that we want to see all lumber merchants adopt:

Interview with Ben

Here's the policy we have adopted: "The vast majority of timber we remove is salvage from wind-blown, diseased, insect infested, fire killed trees or from timber cut in a thinning operation to promote growth in the remaining stand.



Sustainable Forestry

Promote multi-age, multi-species forests. Harvest much less than the forest produces, and harvest only at maturity or to promote growth.



Responsible Practices

Let Nature lead by its proven, time-tested example. Do what nature does. When logging, use low-impact equipment that reduces compaction and leaves as many trees as possible unharmed. Log selectively — it’s worth the time and care. Thin in a natural way to promote balance, foster seral species and add to our enjoyment of multiple-age old-growth forests.



Longer Life-cycle

Allow trees to reach 150 to 250 years of age instead of cutting them in their prime. This maximizes the economic benefit of the forest while both maximizing and optimizing its esthetic and environmental benefits as well.


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