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The Forest is a Garden shared by all of life on Earth

But the plants live longer than we do:


Healthy forest garden

Healthy forest

  • Wildlife belong, contribute, and delight us too
  • Multiple species grow side by side Multi-age - constant new growth and dying of old
  • What's there is there*
  • Success is defined by sustainable yield, subordinated to esthetic enjoyment and wildlife diversity.
  • Disruptions are unpredictable, nature-caused, but important to a healthy ecosystem. Wind, fire and insect damage create sporadic opportunities for human harvest without negative impact
  • There is no such thing as waste. Burned trees in sporadic natural fires create habitat for important bird and insect species and prepare soil conditions for sun-loving tree species to get started. Shady conditions allow hemlock, cedar, and spruce to grow, reducing opportunities for fir, larch, and some deciduous species.
  • Left to itself, a forest will do just fine. But enlightened and respectful human involvement can make a forest more productive for human needs without sacrificing its general balance and value to other wildlife.


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