RBM Lumber

Wood Species Notes

RBM is a home-grown Montana company that specializes in beautiful native Montana wood. Here are the species that grow here and provide us with a sustainable product you can enjoy:

  • Blue pine with stain
  • Cedar door cropped
  • Cottonwood
  • Fir and larch door panel
  • Red Pine Paneling
  • Spalted Aspen
  • White Fir
  • Wire Brushed Pine Stained Golden Oak
  • Fir and Larch (F&L) is a colorful species with rich dark brown to more blonde tones and accepts stain extremely well. With the different cuts and grades and textures you can achieve many different looks from contemporary to rustic.
  • Cedar (Western Red Cedar, inland) has very soft rich tones which are virtually impossible to impersonate with alternate species and stain.
  • Pine (includes Ponderosa Pine, Lodge pole Pine, White Pine) is very light in color and famous for its high knot count. This is also where we get “blue pine”.
  • White Fir (Alpine Fir and Grand Fir) is lighter in color like Pine but stains much better than Pine.
  • Aspen is whiter than any of our other species with very rich and colorful natural stains. Aspen is a favorite amongst those who really like character.
  • Cottonwood has more pale colors which really come to life when finished with an oil-based varnish.
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