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Forest Operations

RBM starts in the forest, and creates wood products for your home and lifestyle. Beautiful sustainable wood.

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Our Approach to Logging    

At RBM Lumber we believe that the beauty and variety in the forest, as in all realms of nature, is a gift from the Creator and intended to be used respectfully and enjoyed for eternity. The forests have been growing, regenerating, and maintaining their balance for centuries. They successfully respond to all types of diseases, insect infestations, fires, ‚and climate changes. Once set in motion the forest is self-perpetuating. lt needs no help from us. On the contrary, we humans are the only living creatures capable of destroying it and the environment and habitat that support the thousands of plant and animal species that exist there.

We use smaller and less expensive logging equipment. This makes it possible for us to harvest less at a time. Our smaller operation makes it possible to be more in touch with the forest because we hand saw (with a chain saw) each tree. There is a connection with the forest and with each tree that can be achieved through this type of logging coupled with application of the principles that we have observed. The connection achieved helps us to make the selective harvesting decisions on behalf of the needs of the forest and the needs of human beings. This approach is particularly helpful to maintain the old growth character of the forest.         

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