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Solid Wood Doors

The exciting thing about doors is that like people, they are a bit of a paradox. On one hand, they are welcoming, and a good door communicates warmth, friendliness and accessibility. On the other hand, the most important day-and-night job of a door is to keep strangers away and the weather at bay. At RBM, we love the unique ability of solid wood to do both of these tasks well.

  • A 56
  • Apgar white fir door
  • C 54
  • D 25
  • D 34
  • D 4
  • E 53
  • F 52 42 In
  • G 49
  • Hamilton style interior door
  • I 40
  • I 6
  • RBM Lumber Doors Trim Flooring
  • R 50
  • VG with Movable Blinds
  • Vertical Grain with Movable Blinds
  • WS Apgar Aspen trim and Paneling
  • Modified Blacktail design wood door

Some notes about our doors:

  • RBM makes only solid wood doors, made from native Montana species including Fir & Larch (mixed), Alpine Fir, Pine, and Cedar
  • At RBM Lumber we build doors using a stile and rail structure. Each “stile” or vertical piece, is held together with horizontal “rails” that frame the “lights” — glass panels — and decorative panels of the door. Most of the stiles and rails are made with two layers of solid wood, firmly glued together. This is what makes RBM doors so strong … and it’s the reason why you can count on them to last a long time.

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Some notes about our solid wood doors:

Bear in mind that you also need to consider that outside doors almost always are hinged to swing “in”, to allow for a screen or storm door. Exterior doors are designed with an inside and an outside, while most interior doors look the same on both sides.

These doors can also be ordered with a wide variety of stains and finishes. Too many to list here.


When you are ready to buy…

  1. Please send us your plans. This will prevent mistakes as we custom-build your doors for precisely the places they will go.
  2. Remember that no two RBM doors, even in the same pattern, species and finish, look alike. The wood characteristics are completely unique. If you come to the showroom and buy from our inventory, you’ll get exactly what you see. But if you order a door, or several doors, “like” something you see in the showroom… well, they’ll be like your kids. Each one will have some resemblances, and a lot of differences!


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