RBM Lumber

Customer Service

At RBM Lumber we don’t sell wood products – we educate the customer about our wood products and the products sell themselves.

Roy Thompson

RBM Lumber’s greatest strength next to our exceptional product line is our customer service. Roy Thompson


The RBM Lumber Customer Service Commitment:

  1. To communicate with the customer sufficiently to understand his/her needs including visual aesthetics, timeframe for using the product, budget and any other details pertinent to the project.
  2. To accurately represent our products regarding visual characteristics and behavior and the options available that satisfy both.
  3. To accurately represent the possibilities for delivery dates of specific inquiries.
  4. To communicate with the customer about the progress on any given order.
  5. Tending to a customer’s needs as promptly as possible whether on the phone or in person.
  6. If for any reason there is a problem with an order or a product the problem will be adequately investigated and the company, RBM Lumber, will take full responsibility and make amends for any way they contributed to the problem.

Good customer service means working
with the customer as if you
are working on your
own project.

Here's what folks say about our customer service!


My clients are always amazed

My clients are always amazed

Whenever I send a client to their mill they are always amazed at how much product and how many choices they have there. Leif Haugen, Red Hat Carpentry, West Glacier
Very good to work with

Very good to work with

They’re very good to work with … and I don’t know if that’s because I buy a fair amount from them or because that’s just how they are. They [just] seem to be very helpful [people]! Peter Hoveland, Mountain High Construction, Bigfork, Montana
They treat you like family

They treat you like family

The initial thing is their customer service. As soon as you walk in they treat you like family. It’s just absolutely incredible. Shilo B., Vulcan, Alberta, Canada