Flooring Keys

RBM flooring has five key qualities that make it look great and go down easy:

  1. Dried right. You’d think getting your flooring shipment delivered at the right moisture content (6%) would be easy. Often, it comes with enough moisture to open gaps and creak points as it dries in your home. RBM kiln dries it before so it fits tight when you put it down, and stays that way.
  2. Few splinters. To get it dry and tight-fitting, we have to do the milling and sanding and grooving on each board WHILE it is already at 6% moisture. That’s tough to do, because most milling techniques bring out the worst in dry boards: splinters, breakaways, blown-out knots. At RBM we have developed techniques for beating this devil… and it’s a huge competitive advantage for us.
  3. Random lengths. As our people are working with each board, they’re watching all the time. When a breakaway or bad knothole appears, they cut out just the few inches of offending board. That means the lengths are truly random. They’ll vary from 3 feet to 12 feet and everything in between. And that means when you get your skid of bundled flooring from RBM, you can put it down just as it comes. No sorting or planning… it’s going to go down randomly from end to end without any visible pattern to the seams.
  4. Squared ends. Not only are the ends random, they’re square with tongue & groove matching on every board. So you don’t have to get out a precision chop-saw to keep your end seams from showing a crack. Each board seats tight against the one next to it, corner to corner.
  5. Textured any way you like it. Smooth, wire brushed, band sawn, circle sawn, circle sawn skip sanded.
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